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Legion Servers now with over 1000+ members world wide is striving to be the best in the roleplaying community. Our dedicated staff spend hours perfecting custom mods, plugins and more to provide a unique roleplay experience to our members. Join today and never miss out!

Legion Servers Players Coverage | Data Shown 23/12/2018

Why  Legion Servers?
  1. 24/7 Support and Secure Anti-Cheat Servers.
  2. Regular server maintenance and developement.
  3. Helpful, Trained and Supportive Administration Team.
  4. Custom Modifications, Maps and Scripts.
  5. Members From All Around The World.
  6. Always Striving To Improve Our Services.
  7. Experience In Community and Server Management.
  8. Server Hosted in Sydney, New South Wales Australia.
  9. In Game Donations to Assist You Rule the Legion.